Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chinese food, Japanese wife, American life

The Nepali dream.


We are in northern Thailand. I have internet!
Bianca and I have started a tandem blog, and she is much better at keeping that updated than I am. If you are interested, the address is

Coles notes on recent happenings:
- been to Nepal and back.
- travelled northern Thailand
- about to learn some serious Muay Thai ass kick-age
- going to Laos soon

For details you may want to check the other blog! I'll throw some more stuff up here from time to time, but I'm bloody useless with slow internet connections. I get bored and go in search of mangoes and sticky rice. mmmm. People are playing badminton in the street outside. Bianca decided they must be Canadian because only Canadians are willing/enjoy dodging cars whilst playing sports. We shall see in a couple of minutes.


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